Lifelong Learning: Good for Seniors’ Minds & Bodies

There is a recent and growing trend among college graduates that is garnering a lot of attention. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, by 2020, 43 percent of college students are expected to be age 25 and older. And among these older grads are more and more seniors.

Lifelong Learners

You may have seen some of the recent news stories about older people who recently got their diplomas. ABC News highlighted Bob Barger, a WWII Navy pilot, who recently received his associate degree in technical studies from the University of Toledo in Ohio. After returning home from the war, he had dropped out of college to focus on his job and earning a living for his wife and two children. Continue reading

The Ins and Outs of a Wait List

If you or a loved one is considering their senior living options, you likely have begun doing research on retirement communities. Or perhaps you have a loved one in need of long-term care or memory care and staying in the home will not be safe for much longer. With all of the choices available (especially in larger cities), it can be a lot to take in so the decision process can take time. Some senior living decisions are needs-based and progress much quicker, while others are more preference-based and can take months or even years. Continue reading

Friendship Village Redefines Senior Living in Kalamazoo with Garden Homes

At Friendship Village, senior living doesn’t have to mean downsizing to a much smaller residence. With our beautiful Garden Homes, you can enjoy all the benefits of a spacious home, plus everything that a premier retirement community promises: a vibrant lifestyle of health and fitness, new friends, fun activities, and a wide range of personalized services and amenities. Friendship Village is the only senior living community in the Kalamazoo area to offer Garden Homes as an independent living option—and here’s the really good news. We’re in the process of adding even more to our 72-acre campus! Continue reading