Ask the Experts Q&A

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Q. How can I address driving issues with my parents in a non-threatening manner?

A. Gently remind mom and dad that driving is a privilege – not a right. Share your concerns with their doctors, who may work with you to explain changes in cognitive abilities and vision that impact their skills. Find tools to help them evaluate their own abilities by clicking on Another interactive resource is “Beyond Driving with Dignity: The workbook for the families of older drivers,” available at

Q. Is long term care insurance still a good investment if I plan to move into a continuing care senior living community?

A. Yes! Even if the community you are considering offers a discount on the cost of skilled nursing care for life, a long term care policy may provide an extra layer of financial protection. Read your policy carefully to determine exactly which levels  of care are covered, then ask the community’s sales consultant to factor the coverage into your estimated expenses. Today’s investment can provide super savings tomorrow.

Q. Will living in a senior community impact my ability to indulge my passion for travel?

A. Indeed it will – in the best possible way! The security and home maintenance services provided can enhance your experiences by eliminating worries about frozen pipes, burglar alarms and finding someone to collect your mail. Many communities allow you to slash parking expenses from your budget by providing shuttle services to and from the local airport. Just pack your bags and hit the road for a truly worry-free adventure.