Aquatic Center Planned for Friendship Village is Making a Splash

January 02, 2018 | The Villager | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes


We’ve spent nearly three years exploring an Aquatic Center here at the Village. We’ve consulted with experts, held town hall meetings, and spoken with residents during a thorough planning process. We even went on field trips to other communities.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  • Water exercise is ideally suited for older adults to help them maintain strength and stamina, not to mention flexibility. All of this leads to stronger legs and core muscles, which is the best thing you can do to prevent falls.
  • Water exercise is very low impact. The buoyancy of the water makes your workout easier on your back, on your knees, on your hips and your shoulders, while still giving you very good exercise. Physical therapists the world over agree that water exercise is a super-duper way to avoid injury, and a great way to recover from injury or surgery.
  • Water exercise is just plain fun!
  • Grandkids and great-grandkids will enjoy the water, as well.
  • An Aquatic Center will be a wonderful competitive advantage for Friendship Village. No other senior living community in our area features a pool of any kind, let alone a wonderful warm water pool in a beautiful new building. As an investment in our future, building and operating the Aquatic Center will create a rich return of consistently high Village occupancy.
  • An exercise pool is different than a “swimming” pool. Sure, you’ll be able to swim laps in our new pool, but it’s primarily designed for aquatic group classes and individual physical therapy. The difference? Our pool will be smaller and have very warm water (around 90-degrees), and the air temperature will match. Getting in and out of the water, and being in that water, will be soothing and won’t send chills up and down your body.

Also, the Aquatic Center will feature an outdoor patio for residents and their families to enjoy.

Join us!

Help us build the Aquatic Center here at Friendship Village. Your support is needed. Contact Ken Greschak at 269-381-7155 or [email protected] to pledge your support.

Ken_Greschak Ken Greschak, Director of Fund Development

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