Planning Committee for New Aquatic Center at Friendship Village Busy with Behind-the-Scenes Details

January 16, 2018 | The Villager | Reading Time 2:00 Minutes

The Aquatic Center, featuring an exercise pool and sauna, is quickly becoming a highly anticipated new addition to the Village! Before building can begin, the Planning Committee has many details to address ahead of time.

  • The future site for the Aquatic Center has already been surveyed and the soil tested to ensure successful construction.
  • The next step is to finalize architectural drawings to demonstrate the Aquatic Center’s aesthetic value and to show the dimensions and placement of all key features.
  • A detailed timeline for construction is being completed and reviewed.

The Aquatic Center will be located in the Kiva Courtyard, with an outdoor patio and beautiful landscaping, to double as a meet-and-greet space on our campus.

The shining star is the exercise pool, which is different than a “swimming” pool. You’ll be able to swim laps, but it’s primarily designed for aquatic group classes. Our pool will have very warm water (around 90 degrees) and an air temperature to match, creating a soothing experience in and out of the pool.

Join us!

As plans for the Aquatic Center finalize, we’ll keep you updated on the progress. In the meantime, your support is still needed. Please contact Ken Greschak at 269-381-7155 or [email protected] to pledge your support for this wonderful addition, which will provide key health and fitness programs for current and future generations of residents.

Ken-Greschak Ken Greschak, Director of Fund Development

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