The Awesome Foursome – Long-Time Friends Make Friendship Village Their New Home

October 16, 2020 | The Villager | Reading Time 3:00 Minutes

Not every day do you run across a story a special as this one. Spend just a few minutes with these four, and you are immediately drawn in by their easy comradery and true fondness for each other. A comfortable bond that comes with years of friendship.

Within months of each other, they all chose to make Friendship Village their new home (even in the midst of the pandemic). Sanny, BJ and Sandy all lived in the Kalamazoo area. Bob, who lived in Lincoln Park, MI, a couple hours away from Kalamazoo, made the move cross state. Sanny moved in June, Bob in July, and Sandy and BJ (and Lani) in August.  

They are all getting acquainted with their new home. BJ says she feels like she’s on vacation every day, and just loves the pace of the lifestyle here!

From left: Sandy, Sanny, BJ and Bob

Sandy shares the story of how they met and their friendship began:

“It all began circa 1958. Sandy attended church one Sunday and saw Bob. She was 14 and he was 17. Despite the age difference, they dated. He attended Culver Military Academy in Indiana and she was dazzled by the pomp and magnificence of it all. They dated until after her senior prom after which they went their separate ways.

Sandy went on to Western Michigan University. She married and had a daughter. After her daughter had begun school, she decided to return to university to obtain her doctoral degree. During the early part of those studies she met Sanny who was leading an Assertiveness Training group in which she participated. They quickly became fast friends with many of the same interests and an indescribable intense friendship with similar backgrounds.

At a social  gathering a few years later, Sandy observed a woman surrounded by a gathering group watching her. The laughter was becoming deafening as the entertainment continued. Sandy moved closer to observe BJ juggling scarves as she demonstrated that fine art amidst gales of laughter! BJ and Sandy subsequently became friends as they discovered places to which they were both interested in traveling. BJ’s career in the travel industry conveniently aided in their ability to readily arrange trips. One destination that had been on Sandy’s radar was The Metropolitan Opera in New York (and see ‘LaBoheme’). That was followed by trips to London and Amsterdam and 25 annual trips to Maui to see the glorious humpback whales.

BJ, Sanny and Sandy have been a group for many, many years now. Bob contacted Sandy after his wife passed a couple of years ago. Since then all four have become friends. Sanny decided some time ago to move into FVK and suggested that BJ and Sandy do the same. Shortly thereafter it was suggested to Bob that he come to FVK, as well. The result, of course, is that ‘The Four’ reside in very close proximity.” — Dr. Sandra K. Ragen 

If you see these four out and about in the Community, take a moment to say “hi”! You’ll leave with a smile on your face guaranteed!