What Life is Like at FVK During this Pandemic?

August 03, 2020 | The Villager | Reading Time 1:00 Minutes

The current pandemic has changed life as we knew it for all of us for sure. And it has some people wondering what is life like at Friendship Village during this time. We are happy to report that no cases of Covid-19 has been reported among our Independent Living residents. Plus, Our Life Enrichment, Fitness and Culinary teams deliver creative ways residents can continue to enjoy the vibrant lifestyle that attracted them to Friendship Village in the first place.

Residents Share Their Stories

To give a little insight into the day-to-day life here, we asked a couple of our Independent Living residents to share their stories.

Listen in here: https://friendshipvillagekalamazoo.oneday.com/Video/44B018EE20/?i=74a60ac4-ef0c-4ae5-b8e5-5d13718ef440

To learn more about Independent Living at Friendship Village, give us a call at 269-381-0323. Life is good at FVK, and we are working hard to keep everyone safe and happy!