Smart Technology at Friendship Village with FVKLiNKED


Smart technology is now a part of every independent living residence at Friendship Village with our exclusive FVKLiNKED, an interactive, voice-activated, web-based system that gives you faster, easier access to information and assistance when you need it.


With FVKLiNKED, you can access community announcements, campus events, and menus, using simple voice commands with a Village-provided Amazon Echo, or through your personal smart phone or tablet.

FVKLiNKED smart technology is just another example of Friendship Village’s commitment to delivering an extraordinary independent living experience.

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Friendship Village lives up to its name. It is a place abound with friendliness and a sense of family.

Ellen Plano


I was surprised by the volunteer opportunities and fun events like the happy hours and picnic luncheons. I also enjoy the opportunity to attend special concerts and plays!

Janet Hanson


Moving to Friendship Village was more than just a move into a new residence; it was a move into a new way of life!

Jerry McLellan


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