“Santa’s Elf” Hand Carves 400+ Wooden Cars for Kids

Gary Pleyte is truly Santa’s Elf! After a recent project to remodel the Village Workshop, Gary and his wife Barbara were ready for a project that residents could enjoy doing together. Gary found a template of a wooden car in the Workshop from years ago, and the idea was sparked. Continue reading

Free to Be YOU

During this critical time in history, it is important to reaffirm our Mission, Vision and Values that guide our Community. Continue reading

Coming Soon! The Friendship Village Clubhouse

Our brand-new Friendship Village Clubhouse is slated to be ready in Spring 2021! This project is directed by our Executive Director, Betsy Bale. All of the features, décor and special touches that will make this Clubhouse super useful have been handpicked by Betsy.

Betsy notes, “The Village Clubhouse was envisioned more than 10 years ago when our Garden Home Community was first developed. We are delighted to bring this new amenity to Friendship Village. It will give our residents and their families a beautiful space for parties, meetings, gatherings and social events that will perfectly meet the growing needs of our community.”  Continue reading